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Renting Modern New 1 bedroom Loft.

CALL NOW or what app at إضغط ليظهر الرقم.. 714336XX.

499 monthly.

Best Location in ACHRAFIEH next to Risk hospital, ABC Mail & Hotel Gabriel.

Super quiet. All included. All furnished. Long Term 6months+ only please payable monthly.

Apartment includes: electricity and water from city, air conditioning, washing machine, heater, Dish HD TV, WiFi Internet, city taxes, maintenances, electrician and plumber and cleaning services twice monthly.The generatorr is not included.

Please be respectful to your neighbors

Super safe, 2securityy doors and cameras.

No commission charged.

CALL NOW or what app at إضغط ليظهر الرقم.. 714336XX

إعلان رقم: 242203257
7,486,251 ليرة
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